The live list can be configured in multiple variations. Below I’ll be listing what each options does, so that you can successfully configure your live list to best suit your needs.

Active View

The view command allows one to either show only one of the view (“list” or “map”), or allows the user to toggle between “both”
code : view
options : "both","map","list"
default : "both"
[propertyengine-livelist view="both"]123456[/propertyengine-livelist]

Start View

Start view allows the administrator to configure which of the views the user will see first: map or list. Note : Start view is only active with Active View is set to both
code : startview
options : "map","list"
default : "list"
requirement : view == "both"
[propertyengine-livelist startview="map"]123456[/propertyengine-livelist]

Show Search

Show Search toggles the ability to search/filter the units listed in the map/list view
code : showsearch
options : "yes", "no"
default : "yes"
[propertyengine-livelist showsearch="true"]123456[/propertyengine-livelist]

Filter Status

Gives the ability to only display and filter by a selected criteria of statuses
code : showstatus
options : "unreleased", "available", "sold" (or a combination of these)
default : "unreleased,available,sold"
[propertyengine-livelist showstatus="available,sold"]123456[/propertyengine-livelist]

Share button controls

Gives you the ability to control which share options you wish to use (if any) To disable the Share button's, set sharebutton=""
code : sharebutton
options : "email", "download", "print", a combination of these or none
default : "email,download,print"
[propertyengine-livelist sharebutton="download,print"]123456[/propertyengine-livelist]

Hide Columns

Gives you the ability to control which columns are view-able in the list view
code : hidecolumns
options : "status", "label", "phase", "block", "floor", "description", "price" a combination of these or none
default : none
[propertyengine-livelist hidecolumns="block,floor"]123456[/propertyengine-livelist]